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Max Lv: 99
Type: Oldschool

This is perfect mt2 oldschool

SW2 - Classic | Oldschool | International

Max Lv: 99
Type: Oldschool

Modern Oldschool | Lot of QoL | Soon Beta Start


Max Lv: 112
Type: Oldschool

Nivel Maxim 112 , MOD PVM

Metin2 Pserver - What is that?

Simply put, a Metin2 PServer is the following: From the basic structure, the same game as the official Metin2 server, but in most cases they got new content and game improving features. Pservers are mostly the complete opposite to the official Metin2, what you know. Fast achievements, high game fun and Attention to detail is what makes up the majority of private servers. Read more...

A big factor why pservers have gained so much popularity is the factor that the official Metin2 is moving faster and faster and more into the "Pay2Win" track. While it is on the official Metin2 server no longer possible to be the best without investing a lot of money, you can belong to the best on private servers for free, if you invest enough time. Also Pservers offer an item shop where you can get coins for a real money payment to buy game items, but this is usually much cheaper than that of the official Metin2 server and often item shop items are also available in the game by farming.

Since the private server admins are mostly Metin2 players themselves, PServer are much mores tailored to the player and optimized, because the admins are, unlike the company that operates the official Metin2 server, very close to the action. Another advantage that the adminds of Pservers have is to have the freedom in any situation to do what is best for the server. Game adjustments, new systems or events can be added to the game at any time, thus keeping the complete server climate always at the highest level. In summary: Should you play a Metin2 private server? If you are tired of hours of leveling, boring questing and spending a lot of money then you should definitely try a private server. And if you don't know where to start your search, our top list is a perfect place to start.

Metin2 Pserver - The Making

The first private servers were created after the release of the official Metin2 server files, which hobby programmers took advantage of to create private servers for the first time. The probably most well-known program over which in the early times the Pserver ran, was the VPN client "Hamachi". In the beginning the curiosity and the fun at the development of new worlds was that what the programmers drove, but the more time passed the more the today's "P-Server scene" arised.

The hobby programmers have developed into experienced Server Admins and manage today servers with sometimes thousands of players. A major role in the Emergence of today's Metin2 Pserver scene played the website "ElitePvPers" short "EPvP". EPvP offers a forum for the exchange of news, hacks, information and everything else around Metin2 private servers. Even today EPvP is still one of the most popular forums when it comes to Pserver and contact point for server admins who want to promote their server.

As in any online game, there are so-called hacks or bot programs for Metin2. Even if this part of the Metin2 Community is regarded rather negatively, this is nevertheless a very large part of what keeps Metin2 alive even after so long. Probably the best known cheat program is the Metin2 bot "M2BoB". To sum it up, the P-Server scene has been created by many different individuals, and security holes of the official Metin2 server, to what we know today.

Metin2 Pserver - The Categories

Naturally, everyone has a different idea of what the perfect Metin2 server is. For this reason, a classification has evolved over the years between 3 different types of servers: Oldschool, Middleschool and Newschool. These terms are meant to give new players who don't know a server yet, immediately an overview of what kind of Private Server it is approximately. But what do these terms actually mean?
An Oldschool Server is characterized by not deviating too far from the original. A not too high Max. Level (99-105), hardly up to no new systems and a high expenditure of time should be necessary to get to the end equipment. Oldschool servers are still one of the most popular categories when it comes to Metin2 Pservers, because on these new players find their way around very fast. Looking for an oldschool server? Have a look here: Oldschool Server
A middleschool server is a mix of oldschool and newschool servers. While there are often already new systems and possibly an increased level (100-150), it is not too far from the original. The perfect middleschool server strikes a balance between the old Metin2 feel and new systems/improvements that make the Metin2 world a bit more exciting. Middleschool servers are especially popular for players who used to play official Metin2 and want something new that doesn't deviate too far from the original. Looking for a middleschool server? Check it out here: Mixed Server
A Newschool Server is completely different from what you know from the official server. A high max. Level (200), new maps, new systems and sometimes even completely new classes. Those who have never played a Newschool Server will get to know Metin2 in a completely different way the first time. Newschool servers are meant for Players who want to completely get away from the old familiar Metin2 and dive into a new world with unlimited possibilities. Looking for a newschool server? Check it out here:Newschool Server
Of course there are also PServers that do not identify with these 3 terms. For example, besides the 3 standard categories, there are also PvP (Player vs Player) servers on which the PvM (Player vs Monster) factor is completely absent and everything is just about fighting against other players. However, the Admins of the Pserver usually choose one of the 3 generic terms to give the players right at the beginning an overview of what kind of Pserver it is.

Metin2 Pserver - The server names

Someone who has never dealt with the Metin2 PServer scene in the past can quickly get confused when they see all the different names of the servers. Since each server is an individual, it naturally needs a unique name in order to create a recognition value. The names of the private servers you see on toplists or presentations have nothing to do with the server itself, but are simply the name that a server admin has given to his Pserver. Those who have been in the metin2 scene for a long time and have proven themselves with good work, would of course like to be be recognized. PServer names such as Rubinum, Aeldra or World of Metin (WoM) have already burned themselves into many players' heads and thus gained trust for many players.

If you now feel like playing a Metin2 pserver yourself, visit our ranking where you can find the best servers that are currently online.