- International Server|10k+ Players

Rank 1 - International Server|10k+ Players

Max Lv: 115
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2020-08-14 - International

Aeldra is the biggest international Server in 2021. Aeldra offers a lot of new systems and the best server comfort available right now.
Great Support and a professional Team are very important to us.


Multi-Farm Block
Ingame Wikipedia
• F5 Ingame Ranking
• F6 Dungeon Timer
• F7 Switchbot
• F8 Battle Pass
• Shop Search
• Offline Shop
• Dragon Stone Alchemy
• Shoulder Sash
• Shoulder Sash Costume
• Costume System
• Pet System
• Buffi System
• Talisman System
• Legendary Skills
• Skill Color System
• Gaya
• Energy Crystal
• Blessing System

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 23.04.2021 is the best server pvm and pvp with more then 10k players online. Is not a easy server where you can make all items in 2 weeks but if you farm you feal the progress everyday.
Posted: 23.04.2021
One of the best server I ever played, well balanced and pretty fun !
Posted: 23.04.2021
10 numara 5 yıldız
Posted: 23.04.2021
Posted: 23.04.2021
Posted: 24.04.2021
Posted: 24.04.2021
Posted: 24.04.2021
i like it
Posted: 24.04.2021
Posted: 24.04.2021

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