| New Server Zeta - 29.07.2022

Rank 1 | New Server Zeta - 29.07.2022

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2020-08-14 - International

Aeldra is the biggest international Server in 2021. Aeldra offers a lot of new systems and the best server comfort available right now.
Great Support and a professional Team are very important to us.


Multi-Farm Block
Ingame Wikipedia
• F5 Ingame Ranking
• F6 Dungeon Timer
• F7 Switchbot
• F8 Battle Pass
• Shop Search
• Offline Shop
• Dragon Stone Alchemy
• Shoulder Sash
• Shoulder Sash Costume
• Costume System
• Pet System
• Buffi System
• Talisman System
• Legendary Skills
• Skill Color System
• Gaya
• Energy Crystal
• Blessing System

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Posted: 05.03.2022
Posted: 05.03.2022
Posted: 05.03.2022
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Posted: 06.03.2022
gran server
Posted: 06.03.2022
dont play thıs server all player and gms racıst ı am turkısh player and some greeks and portugal players dıd racısm to me dont play dont play especially turkısh player uzak durun sakıncalı they swear my fathers they told me agıa sofıa ıs greek ıts just game all player and admınıstrıatıons are racıst agaınst turkısh player uzak durun
Posted: 06.03.2022
Posted: 06.03.2022

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