Original N2 - Middleschool Lv.105 EN/ES/PT/RO

Rank 4

Original N2 - Middleschool Lv.105 EN/ES/PT/RO

Max Lv: 105
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2021-06-13

Original N2


70% PvM 30% PvP Basic Set Lv1 PvM & Military horse.
Middleschool Style Lv.105 Max. (Expandable up to 120.)
Prestige system with bonus. (Colosseum Dungeon Challenge.)
Chamber of Secrets Dungeon Lv50.
Azrael's Dungeon Lv75.
Beran-Setaou Dungeon Lv75.
Baroness Dungeon Lv75.
Arrador Dungeon Lv75.
Nemere Dungeon Lv75.
Demon Island Dungeon Lv75.
Smaug Dungeon Lv90.
Ganesha Dungeon Lv90.
Colosseum Challenge Dungeon (Prestige.)
Biologist inventory system.
All acc. 0 in a store.
Weapons Lv30 9 in Wild City2 Drop hard
Stones 2 in Metins, 4 Max. evo.
Gaya Market with commerce and sale of gayas in offline stores.
Soulstones in Metins, Books in Guardians.
Bonus 1-5 as in the official.
Drops Search System.
Equipment changer system.
Self-doping by yang & changes.
Extra Refinement System.
Nw crafting system.
PVM Global Ranking System.
Guilds & Kills Guilds Ranking System.
No: 5th Race, alchemy, energy, 6-7 bonus.

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