Haumea2 - Fun PvP Server

Rank 77

Haumea2 - Fun PvP Server

Max Lv: 120
Type: PvP
Serverstart: 2021-07-14


Haumea2 is a global server, with support of over 10 languages. We constantly work to add more languages,
so that our players can have a more enjoyable experience.

----------League System----------
Challenging any player to a duel you will have the opportunity to accumulate rank points
to climb the leaderboards. An automatic reset, started every weekend, will bring to zero
any type of ranking and will award each player certain prizes based on the league won.

----------Guild System----------
The guild interface gives you the ability to control the top 10 Guilds through Guild Points,
Number of Wins, Total Battles, Number of Losses.

----------Skill Color System----------
Through the Coloring System of Abilities you will have the possibility to customize
the color of skills with 5 types of layers

----------Battle Pass----------
Every month new challenges await you to receive unique rewards!

Critical Hit Ring: This ring will allw you to do no critical damage.
Poisoning Ring: This ring will allow you to do no poison damage.

----------What are you waiting for? Join our community!----------

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