Land of Heroes - The Real Newschool

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Land of Heroes - The Real Newschool

Max Lv: 999
Type: Newschool
Serverstart: 2021-01-30

Land of Heroes

Designed to be new again
Our main design philosophy was to give our players the feeling of exploration like we all had back then. We wanted to create something new in addition keeping the characteristics of the original game - so we spent more than a year developing it. We considered all the player-types when our game design was created: achievers, explorers, killers and socializers.

We did not only want to be new - we wanted to be Land of Heroes

1000% rates every day
We believe what players seek are fun and success! Suffering in the game for each and every item after a long day at work or school is the last thing anyone ever need. We scaled up the whole game to bigger steps so that any time you play - even if just for an hour - we can make you feel it's a lucky day!

What features do we have?

  • flying
  • ingame-voice chat
  • war ghosts
  • harvesting plants
  • boardgame
  • achievements
  • equipment coloring
  • and many more...
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