Masters of War - The real thing™

Rank 101

Masters of War - The real thing™

Max Lv: 99
Type: Oldschool
Serverstart: 2021-11-18

Masters of War

The true oldschool experience you wated for is finally here.

Start with a level 99 cap, like in the good old times. Follow the Player Guide and build up your character. Discover the hundreds of small details that make Masters of War a one-of-a kind experience. Enjoy beautifully designed maps and carefully balanced gameplay like you haven't seen before.

Once a handful of player reach the level cap, we will unlock further ready made content for the endgame: dangerous dungeons and extensive new maps that will demand all of your force to conquer!

  • Every system from the original game reworked and improved. Everything counts and everything makes sense.
  • Smooth learning curve leading to a challenging endgame.
  • No overpowered items, whether ingame or in the Itemshop.
  • Round the clock monitoring against cheating and disruptive behavior.
  • Featuring secure 2 factor authentication to keep your account safe.
Comments & Reviews
Posted: 03.11.2021
Exact ce trebuie in lumea metin!
Posted: 03.11.2021
Looks like the server I was looking for
Posted: 13.11.2021
it looks promising, waiting for the opening
Posted: 17.11.2021
Arată minunat, hai cu deschiderea!
Posted: 24.11.2021
Posted: 26.11.2021
Posted: 27.11.2021
Posted: 28.11.2021
Posted: 12.12.2021
Posted: 12.12.2021

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