METIN2008 | Internatıonal OLDSCHOOL SERVER

Rank 56

METIN2008 | Internatıonal OLDSCHOOL SERVER

Max Lv: 99
Type: Oldschool
Serverstart: 2021-12-03

METIN2008 | 2008.Global

Metin2008; first appeared in 2016 and has a professionalized structure over time. It does not contain alchemy, belts, lycan beta, etc. in its structure, it is carefully adjusted so that you can completely get the old taste. The game has a generally difficult structure, as well as side quests, new fishing and mining activities within the game with 11 Language translations we offer you a unique gaming experience. All cheats in our game are also 100% disabled. A professional gaming experience without tricks, lag if you want to live, we are waiting for you on our Anatolia server, which will be opened on December 3!

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