Shiva.International Christmas Event 1.12.22

Rank 111

Shiva.International Christmas Event 1.12.22

Max Lv: 99
Type: Oldschool
Serverstart: 2022-09-16

Shiva international

Metin2 Oldschool Private Server Shiva international
-> High quality oldschool server
-> Maximal Level 99
-> PvP / PvM balanced classes
-> Huge economy
-> Modern features and quality of life
-> Completely new pvp systems and guild war
-> 14 languages

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 29.09.2022
Posted: 03.10.2022
Posted: 03.10.2022
Posted: 03.10.2022
not bad
Posted: 10.10.2022
Endlich mal was vern├╝nftiges
Posted: 13.10.2022
don't even bother playing,it's not advertised enough so not much player (50-100) around playing this server.
Posted: 18.10.2022
Hello together Now i play the server for one month and i have to it's very good. It,s not the classic p server to kill 24/7 metin stones to get your stuff etc. The dungeons are very nice and you can farm everything to make money. And to rush only to high lvl isn`t worth. You have to do your bio quests and there are many side quests. Max lvl is 99 and there is now pay to win. Take a look and have fun. =)
Posted: 19.10.2022
best server for long time
Posted: 21.11.2022
good game
Posted: 14.12.2022
fine as f .)

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