World of Darkness 2

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World of Darkness 2

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2023-02-11

Word of Darkness

Official Server start: 11.03.23

New Systems | New PvM Experience | New Dungeons | International |

A few weeks ago we decided to officially start work on the World of Darkness 2 project. We are a Middle/Newschool Sever and are internationally.

Among other things, we have installed the following systems:
• A Buffi, in each realm and on the dungeon map | Daily Rewards | Battle Pass
• Gaya shop | Dragon Alchemy | Rune system
• Levelable pets | Pet and mount costumes | Crafters for pets and mounts
and many more.

Join our Server and let the journey begin

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Posted: 23.03.2023
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