Alpar2 Global® Next Generation Adventure !


Alpar2 Global® Next Generation Adventure !

Max Lv: 120
Serverstart: 2024-05-10

Alpar2 Global® 55-120

As Bakra Games, we are a community that develops itself so that our players can have a pleasant time and engage in uninterrupted PvP and PvM battles. We would like to host you on our servers and experience this different experience. Alpar2 Global will be with you on Friday, May 10, at 21:00.

Kommentare & Bewertungen
Posted: 07.05.2024
A wonderful game for new generation server lovers
Posted: 10.05.2024
wodnerful server come baby come on
Posted: 11.05.2024
The votes under me are the server owners probably. lol If this is what new generation metin looks like then metin should die out ASAP.. Also why promo in english when the game is full turkish?

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