Anubis2 - The Afterlife


Anubis2 - The Afterlife

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Welcome to Anubis2 - The Afterlife!

Your Gateway to Adventure Beyond the Veil!

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Discover the Afterlife:

At Anubis2, we offer an unparalleled gaming experience set in the mysterious realm of the afterlife. Delve into a world where adventure knows no bounds and every corner holds secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Gameplay: Experience an easy start with challenges escalating to medium and beyond. Our server ensures a balanced progression from the beginning to the end, keeping you engaged at every step.

Constant Updates: Prepare for excitement as we roll out updates regularly. Every few months, new content awaits, including raised level caps, additional items, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Stay on the edge of your seat as Anubis2 evolves before your eyes.

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For more information and to embark on your journey into the afterlife, visit or join our Discord server to connect with fellow adventurers and stay updated on the latest news and events.


Dungeon Tracking & World Boss: Keep track of your dungeon progress and prepare for epic battles against powerful world bosses.

Wings and Sashes (35% absorption rate): Enhance your character with powerful wings and sashes that provide significant absorption rates.

Modified Aura Costumes: Customize your appearance with unique aura costumes tailored for the afterlife.

Offline & Search Shop: Access shops even when offline and easily find the items you need with our convenient search feature.

Instant Switchbot: Quickly switch between bonuses for on-the-fly adaptability to different gameplay situations.

Special Inventory: Manage your items efficiently with a dedicated special inventory for unique and rare items.

Mythic Alchemy: Engage in powerful alchemy rituals to unlock mythical powers and enhance your gear.

Tran**ation: Transform items into more powerful versions through the process of tran**ation.

Ranking System: Compete with other players and climb the ranks to earn prestigious rewards.

Global & Individual Rewards: Participate in global events and earn rewards both individually and as part of the community.

And more!


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