Pserver Top Ranking

Information About Advertisement

We have implemented an Ad-System, every week Server-Admins can purchase an Ad slot.
There is a limit of 3 Servers can buy the ad, it will display in rotation.
Purchase is maybe a wrong word, you donate directly to a charity of our choice and get the ad for the rest of the week as reward.
The requirement is that you have our backlink on your website and do not like other toplist sites.
Every midnight (european timezone) our server checks those conditions and makes your server viable for purchase.

The Top-Banner (Horizontal) must be 920x90 and only .jpeg max 300kb.

This is how it looks if you are not backlink-verified or still have competing other toplists linked on your website.

This is how it looks if you are eligeble to donate for the ad slot.

This is the international aknowledged Donation website and the checkout process.

This is how it looks after the donation, where you can upload your banner.