AtlasInfo Editor

Atlasinfo Editor


Editor explanation

Atlasinfo Editor allows you to manage your Atlasinfo files in a 2D visualization.

Load your atlasinfo.txt by clicking the Load your atlasinfo.txt and get started.
You can also load a premade atlasinfo by clicking the Load example atlasinfo.txt.

You can use Atlasinfo Editor to move and reposition your maps in just a few clicks.
Rely on features like a collision detection system and map adjustment with arrows.
The collision detection will tell you if maps collided with each other, and the affected maps will be marked with a red frame.

In the end, you can download the atlasinfo by clicking the Download Atlasinfo.txt.
You can also download the server settings by clicking the Download Server-Settings.
(If you want to teleport to a map with using the global coordinates from the atlasinfo.txt, just take the entered coordinates from the atlasinfo.txt file and cut the last two 0 from each x and y coord and enter it after the /warp command)

For what atlasinfo.txt is needed?

Atlasinfo.txt is needed to assign your Metin2 maps global coordinates. The visualisation with the Atlasinfo editor will improve your workflow and also ensure that no global coordinates will colidate. Especially for adding new maps at Metin2Pservers the Atlasinfo editor is a very helpful tool.

    • Select a map from the list, or click on the desired map which you would like to move.
    • Use the arrow keys to adjust the map. In case of a collision, you will be notified.
    • Mark an area with your mouse on the Atlasinfo map.
    • In case of a collision, you will be notified.
    • Once you set your desired map size, you will have an option to name your map.
    • You can edit your map name and size by double-clicking the map name in the list.