Okey-Card Helper

Tool for remembering which cards are out. [Rules]

The Okey Card Event

Metin2 - Okey Cards Game - Okey Cards Metin2 - Okey Cards Game - Okey Card Set

On most servers, the Okey Card Game is temporarily activated during an event. Usually, you drop Okey Cards from monsters, metinstones or bosses during this event, and you can exchange a certain amount of these cards for an Okey Card Set. With this Okey Card Set, you can play the actual game which rewards you on successful completion.
Most of the time, there are 3 different rewards:

Metin2 - Okey Cards Game - Bronze Okey Chest Metin2 - Okey Cards Game - Silver Okey Chest Metin2 - Okey Cards Game - Golden Okey Chest

Bronze Okey Box, Silver Okey Box, Golden Okey Box. You will receive one of these 3 rewards depending on how many points you score. The Okey Card Game is one of the most popular events among metin2 players.

Game Explanation

  • At the game start 5 random cards appear on the game field
  • 3 cards can be selected to score points
  • You can remove cards or draw a new one
  • The aim of the game is to score as much as possible points

Game Points

You get different numbers of points for each combination of three cards. This depends on the value of the card and, if it is a row, whether the cards are in the same color. Combination of same numbers of different colors is also possible.


On the official Metin2 servers there is an additional highscore ranking where the players can obtain additional boxes as rewards. The highscore can be checked at the Okey Table (event NPC). Usually you can find the Okey Table at Map1 of each empire.

Check the official Metin2 wikipedia for more information