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Dragon Stone Alchemy System


Dragon Soul Alchemy is a system designed for high-level players with the aim of strengthening your character in a certain direction. Even though it was designed for high-level players, it can also be used on low-level characters. It was first implemented in 2013 with the Dark Dragons Metin2 update, but since then, the system has had updates and adjustments and is used from almost every Metin2 P-Server.

The origin of the Dragon Alchemy stones

Metin2 Dragon Stone Alchemy Dragon Stone Shard Metin2 Dragon Stone Alchemy Cor Draconis

On official Metin2 servers, only characters above level 30 can go to Alchemist and activate the search Arrival of the Dragon Stone Shard, this will require them to collect 10x the Dragon Stone and return it To the Alchemist who will give him a Cor Draconis (Rough) instead.
On Metin2 P-Servers you can get Cor Draconis (Rough) directly from monsters, bosses or metinstone.

Metin2 Dragon Stone Alchemy inventory button Metin2 Dragon Stone Alchemy taskbar button

After completing this mission, the player now has access to the Dragon Stones Alchemy Inventory by clicking on Alchemy button in inventory or using the shortcut of the "O" key. Also, after completing the first mission, the character will have access to a daily Power of the Dragon Eye search, while in this mission, players will drop Dragon Stone Shard as an alternate drop, once the player has collected 10 shards, will automatically turn into Cor Draconis (Rough), this can be done 5 times a day.

If you right-click on Cor Draconis, you will get a Dragon Stone (Rough) in a random color:

Metin2 Dragon Stone - Diamond Metin2 Dragon Stone - Garnet Metin2 Dragon Stone - Jade Metin2 Dragon Stone - Onyx Metin2 Dragon Stone - Ruby Metin2 Dragon Stone - Sapphire

Onyx, Diamond, Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Garnet

Class upgrade

Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Diamond Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Garnet Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Jade Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Onyx Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Ruby Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Sapphire

To upgrade the class, you need two Dragon Gems from the same class. You can do this process at Alchemist. When the process fails, you will keep a stone of the same class. When the Alchemy Dragon Stone System was for the first time introduced, classes were: Rough, Cut, Rare, Antique and Legendary. Later, the mythical class was added.

Clarity upgrade

Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Diamond Excellent Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Garnet Excellent Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Jade Excellent Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Onyx Excellent Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Ruby Excellent Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Sapphire Excellent

To improve the clarity of Alchemy Dragon Stones you need two Dragon Stones of the same clarity. You can do this process at Alchemist. When the process fails, you will keep a stone with the same degree of sharpness. The clarity of the dragon stones are:
Matt, clear, flawless, brilliant, excellent

Level upgrade

Metin2 - Green Dragon Bean Metin2 - Blue Dragon Bean Metin2 - Pink Dragon Bean

The process can be done with additional elements, Green Dragon Bean, Blue Dragon Bean or Pink Dragon Bean. Refinement may fail, in this case the level of the dragonstone is reduced or remains unchanged. The most used item is Green Dragon Bean because it is easier to get, but also has less chance of success.

The mythical expansion of Dragonstone

Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Diamond Excellent Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Garnet Excellent Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Jade Excellent Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Onyx Excellent Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Ruby Excellent Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Sapphire Excellent

The Alchemy Dragon Stone system was expanded in 2019 with the introduction of the Mythical Dragon Stones, A new class for Alchemy Dragon Stones.

This caused huge disappointment for the official Metin2 community, as players spent a lof yang and Dragon Coins to maximize their alchemy to the legendary class, and now a new class has been implemented. Many players quit the game at that time. Metin2 P-Servers adapted the system quite early and balanced either to their existing system or it was a new server where they directly implemented Mythical Alchemy.

Change bonuses

Metin2 - Flame of the Dragon Dragon

Flame is an object used to exchange bonuses for a Dragon Stone of Mythical Alchemy. The number of Dragon Flames required to change bonuses depends on the clarity of the stone.

On Metin2 P-Servers there is often the opportunity to upgrade an excellent gem back to Brilliant instead of swapping bonuses for Dragon Flame.

Removal of stones and duration of stones

Metin2 - Dragon Tongs Metin2 - Dragon Tongs

To unequip the Dragon Soul Stone, you can draw the stone from the Alchemy equipment page in the Alchemy inventory or right-click on it. Dragon Pliers will give you a greater chance to eliminate Dragon Soul Stone. You just need to pull the element on the equipped stone.
Dragon Pliers will remove the Stones Dragon without fail.
On most Metin2 servers you can remove Dragon Stones with a simple right-click without fail.

Metin2 - Tongs of Time Metin2 - Elixir of Time

Time pliers will allow you to create an Elixir of Time. To create it, you need to drag it on the unequipped Dragon Soul Stone (the stone will be removed from the DSS inventory and The elixir will appear in your inventory). Time Elixir - will allow you to extend the time by The legendary Dragon Stones by:
5%, 15%, 30%, 50%, 100%.

Alchemy Dragon Stone Set Bonus

Metin2 - Dragon Stone Alchemy Set Bonus

Equipping all 6 Dragon Gems of the same clarity will increase the bonuses of each gem. It only works for legendary or mythical stones.
On Metin2 P-Servers there is very often the option to receive a set bonus of a given value while having 6 mythical gems 6 equipped.

Implementation of the 7th Dragon Stone - Amethyst

Metin2 - Rough Dragon Amethyst Metin2 - Cut Dragon Amethyst Metin2 - Rare Dragon Amethyst Metin2 - Antique Dragon Amethyst Metin2 - Legendary Dragon Amethyst Metin2 - Mythic Dragon Amethyst

In 2023, a new Dragon Stone Alchemy has been added to metin2's official servers – Dragon Amethyst Stone. It has the same technique as the other stones and can be upgraded to the Excellent Mythical Dragon Stone.

Metin2 - Cor Daemonis

The only difference is that you can only get Amethyst Dragon Stone from a Cor Daemonis instead of a Cor Draconis.
Some Metin2 P servers have already added this update, such as Azyrah, Rohan2Global or Harbi2Global.

More information

Check the official Metin2 wikipedia for more information