Project Luxu


Project Luxu

Max Lv: 99
Serverstart: 2024-02-16

Project Luxu

Welcome to Project Luxu!

Experience the Nostalgia of M2's Golden Age!

Transport yourself back to the exhilarating days of 2008-2012 when M2 reached its peak! Exciting news awaits as we're unveiling an extraordinary, revitalized server that captures the essence of that golden era. Prepare to relive those cherished memories with us!

Redefined Gameplay, Preserved Nostalgia

Step into a world where simplicity meets authenticity. Unlike other servers cluttered with unnecessary systems, we've opted for a different approach. The gameplay is carefully simplified, ensuring the original M2 vibe remains intact. Get ready for an experience that stays true to the core of the game!

Smart and Innovative Additions

Quality triumphs over quantity! While others may overwhelm you with endless features, we prioritize smart and innovative additions. Our focus lies in enhancing gameplay with meaningful elements, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive adventure.

Join us on Social Media for Something Special!

Excitement is brewing, and we want you to be part of the journey! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on the server's progress, engage in thrilling discussions, and connect with like-minded players. We're building a vibrant community you won't want to miss!

Unmissable Giveaways Leading up to the Grand Opening

As the grand opening approaches, we're hosting plenty of irresistible giveaways! Stand a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards, rare items, and so much more. By joining us on social media, you'll be at the forefront of these exciting events!

Top Guilds Compete for Real Money Rewards

Are you ready to lead your guild to victory? Our server sets the stage for thrilling competition, and the top guilds will have the opportunity to earn real money rewards each quarter! Prepare for battles of epic proportions!

Our Goal: Over 5,000 Players Online!

Be part of something massive! We're on a mission to surpass the boundaries, gathering an impressive community with over 5,000 players online. The world of M2 will come alive like never before!

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Step into the past and embrace the present with our redefined M2 server. Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and witness the magic unfold. The countdown to an unforgettable adventure has begun!

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Posted: 13.02.2024
Bu servere gönül rahatlığıyla başlıcağıma inanıyorum ve uzun soluklu bir serüvende yerimi şimdiden ayıttırım oyundaki nickim ( FIRTINA ) ana karakterim olarak aktif olacağım gelecek olan arkadaşlarımdan PM lerini beklerim.

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