Zemia.to - Reborn | Official Start 06.01.2024


Zemia.to - Reborn | Official Start 06.01.2024

Max Lv: 200
Serverstart: 2024-01-06

Zemia.to Reborn

Zemia.to is a new server whose start is planned 06.01.2024. Our server has many new systems, performance and


We are currently looking for administrators from the following countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Poland, Portugal

Generals Systems

  • Ingame Wikipedia
  • Switchbot
  • Battlepass
  • Multi Farm Block
  • Search Shops Offline
  • Offline Shops
  • Skill Color System
  • Hunting Missions
  • Dungeon Info
  • Biologist Quests
  • Talisman System
  • Legendary Skills
  • Shaman System
  • Hero's Honour System
  • Unique Dungeons
  • Alchemy
  • Collections System
  • Skill Tree System
  • Elemental system
  • Sash System
  • Vote4Buff
    and a lot more.


  • The most optimized server on the market
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Fast character development
  • Stone Farming
  • Free itemshop in the game
  • Lots of new character buffs
Comments & Reviews
Posted: 17.01.2024
Great server. Nice fun
Posted: 24.01.2024
Posted: 31.01.2024
Great goood Server nice fun
Posted: 05.02.2024
top server......................
Posted: 11.02.2024
Best serw....................................
Posted: 12.02.2024
Biggest shit ever made. More bots than actual players, and if someone tells you he isn't "cheating" there is a 99.8% chance he or she is lying. Funniest part about this mess of a server is, that server owners don't give a single (f)uck about it, they just want your money. Quick cash grab, can't wait for another season with more bots and bugs. 10k online at start, now 60 and 58 of them are botting.
Posted: 13.02.2024
Good game
Posted: 13.02.2024
Good Server, it only needs more players!
Posted: 14.02.2024
Yes good serw
Posted: 15.02.2024
Good serw

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