Max Lv: 105
Serverstart: 2024-03-08



  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Huge QoL features
  • No lags, 200 FPS
  • Modernized maps, dungeons, mining, and fishing
  • No overwhelming amount of systems, no millions damage numbers
  • No overwhelming amount of temporary damage push items through Item-Shop
  • No metinstone click simulator at the same spot
  • Daily dungeon entry limit
  • Evolvable Mount System
  • Pet Egg System
  • Dragon Stone Alchemy
  • Dark Shrines; commonly known as Chaos Metinstones
  • Cursed Rocks; special legendary metinstones s****ing randomly with an announcement
  • Shoulder Sash System with a slightly reduced RNG factor
  • Costume System with permanent costumes and temporary costume bonuses
  • Costume Wardrobe to comfortably store your costumes
  • Hunting Missions via User Interface and a spinning reward wheel
  • Multi-Farm Block
  • Battle Pass with Levels
  • Server Challenges with three potential winners
  • Time-Limited Challenges
  • Improved Ranking system
  • Various quest lines including Story Quests, Daily Quests, Mission Books, Biologist Quests, and more
  • Personal Shop and Shop Search system with all known features
  • Official Gaya System with a daily free refresh
  • Buffi System; exclusive for PvM
  • Enhanced Bonus System, incorporating the official concept where extra the piercing bonus is converted into Average Damage
  • In-Game Wikipedia
  • Multiple guidance systems
  • and much more

Overall, you will be impressed once you join the game, as every small detail has been considered and improved.
It would be impossible to mention every small change, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 24.03.2024
Posted: 06.04.2024
VERY VERY bad drop rates, useless hunt missions, drop for metin fragments is just.... after azrael you find yourself locked...you farm or drop big $, dont recommend it...waste of time
Posted: 08.04.2024
Very good server i like it good patchnotes the server is very nice
Posted: 08.04.2024
The best server you can find right now, great team, great patches, and a very good and balanced gameplay. If you look for a private server, this is the one you have to try.
Posted: 08.04.2024
Best Server from all times without any doubt!
Posted: 08.04.2024
Constant updates good comunication between the owner and the players.
Posted: 08.04.2024
Really good server and casual player friendly almost everyday good changelogs including player suggestions
Posted: 08.04.2024
best server so far, amazing team, fast updates and bugfixes huge qol and a very helpful community <3
Posted: 08.04.2024
A server that makes you feel its quality in every way. Blended with old school and new systems, you don't want to leave when you play. The server I've been looking for a long time
Posted: 08.04.2024
great server with the best qol and new systems

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