Emerald2.Global Opening 24/02/2024


Emerald2.Global Opening 24/02/2024

Max Lv: 120
Serverstart: 2024-02-24


Emerald II is a medium pvm server that wants to bring middleschool to another level.
Focused on improving QoL, structure and balance, the server brings a gameplay that wants to please each individual player.
In this presentation, we'll delve into what sets this server apart, exploring its unique features and captivating gameplay systems.
Get ready to gear up and dive into an unparalleled adventure! Our journey into the realm of Emerald II starts now.

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 19.02.2024
hallo ich freue mich sehr, pvp server zu spielen und bin neu
Posted: 27.02.2024
cel mai belea server de metin2 din romania pe sistem nervos sa moara mama
Posted: 01.03.2024
Posted: 10.03.2024

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