Atheria | International | Newschool | lvl 200


Atheria | International | Newschool | lvl 200

Max Lv: 200
Serverstart: 2024-05-03


Newschool | lvl 200 | Chapters | Guild land | New era

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 09.04.2024
This server have the best Team and resources. And no need to mention Top1 Promote manager. I love the game from the first sec. New system created from 0 and the best events pvm and pvp.
Posted: 03.05.2024
Nice Server I wait the server start :D
Posted: 03.05.2024
Deniyip Görecez Bakalım sistemler güzel
Posted: 06.05.2024
@lonut157 stop lying! :-D This metin is one of the worst metin ever! Stupid mobile2 graphics itemshop = p2w. Soo many bugs , no character balance! THIS IS TRASH METIN! so stop wasting your time! this metin will last a month at most! they just want money and then shut it down
Posted: 08.05.2024
Let.s gooo farm farm power
Posted: 09.05.2024
good server not bad
Posted: 10.05.2024
best server ever lest go
Posted: 10.05.2024
the best server , very good team
Posted: 10.05.2024
Posted: 11.05.2024

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