- The Great Conqueror

Rank 2 - The Great Conqueror

Max Lv: 120
Type: Newschool
Serverstart: 2019-01-13


Rodnia is a global server, having both client and support in over 10 languages. We are constantly working on adding more languages, in order for all of our players to have an experience as best as possible.

  • Beginner's Battlepass.
  • Weekly Rankings with Dragon Coins as reward.
  • Daily Events.
  • Over 13.000 players daily!

Registration link:

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 13.07.2021
so good
Posted: 15.07.2021
best server ever
Posted: 16.07.2021
Nice server, have fun
Posted: 18.07.2021
Perfect server for everyone
Posted: 19.07.2021
Posted: 19.07.2021
Best server ever
Posted: 22.07.2021
Great server
Posted: 24.07.2021
good server
Posted: 24.07.2021
kinda good ngl
Posted: 25.07.2021
Come to play on Rodnia

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