Calliope - Fight to conquer the kingdoms

Rank 6

Calliope - Fight to conquer the kingdoms

Max Lv: 127
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2015-01-01

Calliope Global

  • Multiple beginner missions that provide you with the equipment you need to progress.
  • Dungeons from low level.
  • Many systems and commands for comfort.
  • Graphics and performance is far superior to regular servers.
  • Your store stays open 24/7.
  • From the search store page you can buy items from remote stores, from anywhere.
  • From the dungeons page you can see details about them, the waiting time of each one and you can teleport directly to them.
  • You can fly with mounts and level up pets.
  • Unique item reputation system.
  • Unique skull system (a kind of runes)
  • Multi farm-block that ensures that hackers do not exist on the server (making booting impossible and unprofitable)
  • Events every day surprise events. (various pvp and pvm events, some unique created by us)
  • Discord server where we do events not related to the game, only on discord.
  • Monthly events with big Coin prizes. (also includes Guild Tournaments)
  • Switchbot with adjustable speed that never skips bonuses with its own inventory.
  • Separate inventory for cards, gems and upgprade items with 5 pages.
  • Maps, quests, items, costumes, caves that don't exist on the regular metin.
  • Integrated and in-game wiki page containing everything you need to know about the game (dungeons, systems, drops, evolutions, quests, events)
Comments & Reviews
Posted: 29.08.2022
The best server I ever seen
Posted: 29.08.2022
Top Server, freundliches Team, täglich PvP auf map1 und für die PvM Fanatiker ist auch was dabei. Lohnt sich auf jeden fall anzufangen.
Posted: 29.08.2022
I ve been playing in this server for over 2 years and I have nothing to say except good words. A server with daily updates , seasonal and daily events, pvp & pvm events. The admin and his team take good care of the server and its players. This server has it all ! FUN AND ADVENTUROUS!
Posted: 29.08.2022
I love to play Calliope in my free time..
Posted: 29.08.2022
Very complex and interesting server! Love it
Posted: 29.08.2022
Best server <3 Best community and best events.
Posted: 29.08.2022
Balanced server at pvp and pvm level. Active community. New updates almost every week. Playing for over 1 year and I have no intention of stopping
Posted: 29.08.2022
I playing in this server 3+ years and it's not boring to play here. Calliope2 has been open to players for several years.. We have new server updates , seasonal and daily events, pvp & pvm events. You can find in server all! Come and join us! Worth it! Players time that spent on the game is precious to the server.. because of that admin's and moderator's take care of the server and the players.
Posted: 29.08.2022
I've been playing on this server for 3 years, it's a complex server in continuous development, with daily events and unique updates. love it
Posted: 30.08.2022
Best server ever!!! You will never get bored on it, a lot of things to do PVM and PVP.

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