Haos 2 , the world of Chaos.

Rank 12

Haos 2 , the world of Chaos.

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2022-11-30


Switchbot (Rapid with modified design).

Party Bonus

Bonus cutters

Multi Farm Block

Rune System

Dog Mode

Active & Passive Skill

Daily Reward

Global Ranking

Skill Color



OfflineShop, SearchShop, Auction System

Dungeon List

Rapid Biological System

Special Deposit

Add Quick Status

Quick Sell from Inventory

VeiwDrop Chest

Mob DropInfo

Quest & Cube Renewal

Hide Pet/Mount/Shops/Yang

Instant pick-up

Add/Change bonus costumes

Global Chat & Flag

Change Channel

Staff team in Friends List

See player HP redone

Shop with Items

Copy-Paste Link in Chat & PM

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Posted: 15.06.2023
Posted: 15.07.2023
cel mai bun server
Posted: 23.07.2023
Cel mai smecher server: Haos.Ro
Posted: 27.07.2023
cal mai bun
Posted: 01.08.2023
cel mai bun haos ro
Posted: 04.08.2023
Posted: 23.09.2023

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