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Origins2 Global | International

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2019-07-20

Origins2 Global

• Our server has been improved a lot, we've added so many good and important suggestions from our players and also the new "Conquerors of Yohara" update was a success! We are very proud and happy since the feedback from you was really positive after all the changes we've made together with you, our community!


• We would like to say a few words about our new speed server project, namely that it was a great success for us. The concept was well designed and everything worked without major problems, we added your suggestions as much as possible and even finished reworking all the dungeons, a very big and important aspect for us. We think the project was easy enough for players to advance as far as possible, but of course it depends on how long a player can play, but even with the minimum play time some players advanced a lot!
We are confident, based on your feedback, that most of you were satisfied with the way the project was developed and we would like to tell you that we appreciate all the feedback we received from you.
Of course, we all know that nothing is perfect and we have learned a lot from this project that will help us in the future.

Looking at the future, our main goal after the merge is to develop as many quality of life improvements as possible but for this one we need your help. You can always post your QoL desires on our suggestions channel, of course with enough details to understand.
We also have some new features and some changes planned, but we will give more information at the right moment.

Once again thank you for being with us,
O2 Team

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 08.04.2023
güzel sw
Posted: 14.04.2023
looks like a win to me!
Posted: 16.04.2023
Best server not that easy not that hard its balanced and good. Come try it out !
Posted: 16.04.2023
olm buneymiş lan wheğğyy
Posted: 01.05.2023
Posted: 12.05.2023
merita !
Posted: 20.05.2023
Posted: 23.05.2023
Posted: 24.05.2023

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