Max Lv: 120
Serverstart: 2023-04-16


We are excited to introduce you to our new Metin2 private server, Radhan! We understand the importance of a diverse and inclusive community, and will therefore strive to ensure that all players feel welcome and can fully enjoy the game.

General Details

Radhan will be a PvM MiddleSchool game server with max level 120. The game will mainly focus on defeating monsters and collecting items to improve your character.

A part of the systems present within the game will be listed below:

  • Alchemy
  • SwitchBot
  • Offline shop
  • Battle Passes
  • Biological system
  • Farming
  • Wiki system
  • Pet system
  • Dungeon system
  • Auto-Pickup
  • Bonus page
  • Costume System
  • Block Exp
  • Weapon Skin System
  • Hide Costume System
  • Rarity System
  • 6/7 Bonuses
  • Language System
  • Variable Graphics Options
  • Gaya system
  • Talisman System

Game dynamics:

  • Books: It will not be necessary to drop books to increase one's skills, when the skill has totaled 17 points instead of making the usual transition to M1 it will directly reach level P

The team:

We are a group of Metin2 enthusiasts working together to create a high quality server and ensure a fun and engaging gaming experience for everyone. Our team consists of highly qualified and competent members, who have experience in the field of gaming and server management. Each member of our team has a specific role and contributes to the realization of our objectives, both in terms of game development and community management. Furthermore, we are a very open and helpful team, always ready to listen to the feedback of our players and to work together to improve the gaming experience. We believe that collaboration between the team and the community is critical to ensuring Radhan's success.

Item Shop:

Radhan's item shop will be 100% in-game. This means that all items available for purchase can be obtained through gameplay, without the need to make external purchases. Inside the shop there will be no equipment or upp items, but only objects useful for improving the character, such as mounts / pets and aesthetics. Our goal is to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Therefore, there will be no item shop-exclusive items or equipment that grant an unfair advantage.

Notes: The shop will only be visible/usable from within the game

New Events:

Here are some examples of events we will be offering starting with the server launch:

  • Boss Challenge
  • Treasure Hunt
  • PvP Competitions
  • Crafting events
  • Game Marathons

These are just a few examples of events we will be offering on Radhan. We are constantly working to create new events and update existing ones to offer an ever new and engaging gaming experience. Everything will be accompanied by a calendar launched well in advance of the start of the events

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best retro
Posted: 19.09.2023
best retro server
Posted: 04.10.2023
Miglior retro server di sempre, super organizzato team presente molto bilanciato e player davvero poco tossici
Posted: 08.10.2023
best server eu
Posted: 10.10.2023
Posted: 09.11.2023

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