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What are Metin2 P-servers?


Why do P-servers exist?

This question can be answered from 2 perspectives.

Firstly, from the operator's point of view, it is certainly the money factor and possibly also the opportunity to gain experience in development or even in team management. Ultimately, you have to deal with people and any experience with people can help further in later life. But ultimately also because the demand for Metin2 P-servers is there.

Secondly, from the players' point of view, Metin2 P-servers are simply a change from the official Metin2. The majority of P-server players, however, would probably not play the official server even without P-server, simply for the reason that you have a faster sense of achievement on a P-server and do not have to invest very long and active time. Besides, the offer is very different. You can play a server that has a lot of innovative features or simply an official server.

What are the advantages of Metin2 P-Servers?

  • Variety of different concepts/servers
  • You feel a sense of achievement faster
  • Most of the time there are more players on P servers than on the official server
  • You have to spend less money than on the official server

What are the disadvantages of Metin2 P-Servers?

  • No guarantee how long a server will stay on
  • Team is often poorly organized resulting in poor support
  • Data is often misused, so do not provide real data (e-Mail, password, etc.)