AtlasInfo Editor

Atlasinfo description


Atlasinfo Editor allows you to manage your Atlasinfo files in a 2D visualization.
Load your atlasinfo.txt by clicking the Load your atlasinfo.txt and get started.
You can also load a premade atlasinfo by clicking the Load example atlasinfo.txt.
You can use Atlasinfo Editor to move and reposition your maps in just a few clicks.
Rely on features like a collision detection system and map adjustment with arrows.
The collision detection will tell you if maps collided with each other, and the affected maps will be marked with a red frame.
In the end, you can download the atlasinfo by clicking the Download Atlasinfo.txt. You can also download the server settings by clicking the Download Server-Settings.

    • Select a map from the list, or click on the desired map which you would like to move.
    • Use the arrow keys to adjust the map. In case of a collision, you will be notified.
    • Mark an area with your mouse on the Atlasinfo map.
    • In case of a collision, you will be notified.
    • Once you set your desired map size, you will have an option to name your map.
    • You can edit your map name and size by double-clicking the map name in the list.