Mythesia2 | Break your Destiny

Rank 410

Mythesia2 | Break your Destiny

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2023-01-30


Mythesia2 is a middle school server with many features and new challenges. The server launch is scheduled for March 2023! Don't miss any news and visit our Discord Server. Server Start: 19.03.2023

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 31.03.2023
Top9 server with 2 stars on review??? Not sure if I should blame this page or the server judging by the comments ahaha
Posted: 06.04.2023
Guess what? The server is already dead, who saw this coming!! Wow... Truly unexpected!! But dont worry, you will have another chance to get scammed soon as they are reopening, stay tuned for the next Kevin project, and earn a lot of €€€€€€ meanwhile to be able to play it!

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