Mythesia2 | Break your Destiny | 19.03.2023

Rank 33

Mythesia2 | Break your Destiny | 19.03.2023

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2023-01-30


Mythesia2 is a middle school server with many features and new challenges. The server launch is scheduled for March 2023! Don't miss any news and visit our Discord Server. Server Start: 19.03.2023

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 20.03.2023
Downloaded it, checked my starting gear that only lasts for 3 days, noticed the itemshop one is x2 stronger and permanent while costing 15+€/piece, looked for F2P options, they are absurdly weaker compared to itemshop and require extreme grind Cashgrab server, uninstalled in less than 30 mins
Posted: 21.03.2023
Daily remined to stay away from this

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