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What makes a good Metin2 P-server?


We've been playing this game for years and can't get away from it. Several servers have been played on, but only a few of them have been played through. If you look back, which servers had great hype, which were actively played, or even those that may have visited less but held for a long time, then can be described characteristically with 3 words, what makes a good server. The team, the concept and the presentation. A good server is the harmony between these 3 components.

The Presentation

In the presentation counts not only the server presentation itself. This is only a sub-point, but also the first point. A server can be as good as it wants, as long as no good advertising is made for it, it does not lead to success. The first impression is very important. A good server introduction, a trailer, Twitch advertising or banners are important means to show yourself present. Of course, the quality of the design plays an important role. If public designs are avoided and innovative designs are chosen, this shows a certain professionalism and seriousness.

The second point is the design of the homepage, if available, forum design and nowadays the most important, the structure of the Discord server. As a player you see these things very often, but always only briefly. Because of this, too many elements on a web page are not always beneficial. It is more pleasant to choose a user-friendly design.

The last point what makes a good presentation of the server is the ingame design, the small things like banners, shinings or costumes. But the most important aspect here is not to deviate too much from the original. Metin2 players are creatures of habit. We love Metin2, not Star Wars, so so far servers that deviated too far from the original were only semi-successful.

The Concept

The concept is probably the most important factor. What makes a good Metin2 P-server has always changed over the years, because the developers have always improved over the years. The game Metin2 is an old game and was not really well thought out. For this reason, some technical changes were necessary. Today, however, everything is so advanced that completely different things count and it doesn't really matter what type of server it is. The best servers have one thing going for them and that is the quality of life changes. The little things, the luxuries that you get used to, you want to have everywhere else. If a server can not offer these, it is difficult to attract people to it.

Of course, everything around it is at least as important. A concept has to convince, you have to bring variety into the game, but not deviate too much. New features are always welcome things, new dungeons, weapons and armor or even costumes. What many server admins unfortunately do not understand is, that the suggestions of the players are very important. These make a very large contribution to the development of a server.

The best concept is the one created with the community.

The Server Team

Behind every successful server, there is a professional team. A server can be presented as good as possible, can have the best concept, but without the right team the server will not last long. For a server to last long, there must be clear structures in the team, distribution of tasks and the most important; discipline. The communication within the team, the communication with the players makes a good server.

Another important factor is crisis management. There are always situations where quick and important decisions have to be made. The rule here is: stay loose and act with consideration. Minimize the damage as much as possible and do not act emotionally. For example, this is a point where many server admins have failed. In the face of haters, botters and the like, you should always keep a cool head and act professionally.

These are in our opinion the 3 points that make a good server. We hope for more years of Metin2 with good servers!