| ZETA - Beginner Event Active

Rank 1 | ZETA - Beginner Event Active

Max Lv: 120
Type: Mixed
Serverstart: 2020-08-14 - International

Aeldra and Zeta are the biggest international Servers in 2022. Aeldra has a lot of new systems while Zeta has more classic systems.

Aeldra and Zeta offers the best server comfort and performance available right now.
Great Support and a professional Team are very important to us.

General Systems:

Multi-Farm Block
Ingame Wikipedia
• F5 Ingame Ranking
• F6 Dungeon Timer
• F7 Switchbot
• F8 Battle Pass
• Shop Search
• Offline Shop
• Buffi System
• Skill Color System
• Gaya System

Aeldra Systems:

• Unique Dungeons
• Dragon Stone Alchemy
• Shoulder Sash
• Biologist Quests
• Shoulder Sash Costume
• Costume System
• Pet System
• Talisman System
• Legendary Skills
• Energy Crystal
• Blessing System
• Atlantis Farmsystem

Zeta Systems:

• Official Dungeons
• Official Chinese Zodiac Temple
• Dragon Stone Alchemy
• Shoulder Sash
• Biologist Quests
• Costume System
• Booster System
• Pet System
• Talisman System
• Energy Crystal
• 6/7th Bonus
• Elemental Reinforce
• Rare and Legendary Metinstones
• Rare and Legendary Dungeon Chests

Comments & Reviews
Posted: 05.06.2023
Posted: 06.06.2023
güzel sv
Posted: 07.06.2023
worst metin2 server I've ever played.. Aeldra and zeta are only good at stealing money from players.. this server never again.. the positive reviews of this game are all fake.. it's GMs who create an account and evaluate.. the server it is very bad!!!

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